Features of ICErender

Renderings are great tools for showing clients what the final product or space will look like. But paying rendering professionals or hiring an in-house expert means you can only provide renderings when absolutely necessary. With ICErender you capture any scene of your design and either produce a quick no-frills-rendering or take a few minutes more and do it up right with additional lighting, reflections and shadows to the point of photorealism. Renderings are no longer a luxury item with ICErender in your vault.


The 21st century tool to: Wow. Win. Deliver.

This is one of those few moments in life when you can get something of quality, quickly and inexpensively. ICErender allows you to freely offer clients as many renderings as they need to make a decision without the burden of costly rendering experts.


One-click rendering

When you simply need to get a point across you can use the quick and easy One-click Render. Grab any part of the design from any point of view and take a few snaps for the stakeholders to fully understand what is going on in the design.


Control settings (or Control shadows and reflections?)

Let's face it. Sometimes you need a little razzle-dazzle. The control settings for shadows and reflections in ICErender allow you to create a realistic view in minutes.


Control lights

ICErender offers 11 different light values, each with the ability to determine position, color and intensity. Simulate everything from daylight to softly lit interiors for realistic depictions of your design.


Share output quickly

Save images for emailing, printing, posting, etc. With ICErender's One-click Rendering you can even grab a quick render while working with your client. Send it to them or their stakeholders while still in your meeting.


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