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ICE Overview

A 3-minute visual tour of the benefits ICE brings your business. View video

Experience ICEvision

An overview of ICEvision - Who's it for? What does it do? Why is it different? View video

Experience Spider

Modular Wiring at its most agile with Spider Agile Technology on ICE. View video

Experience Traditional Kimball

Experience refinement in a reception area by Kimball Office. View video

Experience Traditional Kimball

Experience refinement in a conference room by Kimball Office View video

Experience Kimball Fluent

Tour this space furnished in Kimball Office's Fluent line. View video

Experience Kimball Hum

Experience workplace collaboration with Hum by Kimball Office. View video

Ice Edge GMT

Introduction to the capabilities and powerful versatility of the ICE solution for prefab house design, manufacturing and construction. View video

Experience School

ICE designs a school environment. View video

Parametric Work Surfaces

ICE expands the definition of "Custom" for Parametric work surfaces. View video

Experience ICEvision

Experience ICEvision. View video

3Form in ICE

ICEvision fly-thru highlighting the many different applications of 3Form's ecoresin panel products. View video

Allsteel Promo

ICEvision fly-thru created for a recent release of ICE software's Allsteel catalogs. View video

Allsteel in ICE Demo

A demo showing how the design and specification of an Allsteel layout is modified in ICE. It includes the brief generation of a rendering using ICErender as well. View video

Axios in ICE

A tour of a Solution Center for Axios, data cabling and technology company. View video

Data Centers in ICE

A detailed look at a Data Center layout using the power of ICE software. View video

Revit and ICE

Bringing Revit and ICE together with ICEvision, the perfect 3D presentation tool. View video

Multiple manufacturers

A small medical facility showing the integration of DIRTT walls, SIMO and WaHu cabinetry and Jofco furniture. View video

Experience Data Centers

A virtual data center. View video

Experience DIRTT

DIRTT walls and ICE software, an office space for Google is brought to life. View video

ICEvision Ad

The online ad for ICEvision used in the digital edition of Interiors & Sources magazine. View video

Knoll partners using ICE

Testimonials from Knoll ICE partners on how ICE as become a differentiator for them. View video

Experience ICEvision

Experience ICEvision with SketchUp. View video


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