ICEreality Comparisons

ICE is a single software application providing a fluid flow of information, from design and point-of-sale to the manufacturing floor and all the way back to the client's financial system. For other software solutions to achieve even some of ICE's capabilities they must use a combination of multiple applications such as; design software, configurator, specification tool, drawing tool, rendering software and reporting tools. The transfer of data from one application to the other being time consuming, cumbersome, inaccurate and ultimately: costly.


Here is a quick comparison chart.


FEATURE Others* Only with ICE
Interactive 3D Walkthrough
True walkthrough technology rather than stagnant rotational models
unchecked checked
Expert System
Understands the user's intent and solves accordingly
unchecked checked
True Object Oriented Technology
Utilizes intelligent product behaviors to allow virtually infinite configuration options
unchecked checked
Record Based System
Utilizes static hierarchal records, requiring clerical management of limited configurations
checked unchecked
AutoCAD import/export
Import and export AutoCAD files
checked checked
AutoCAD Operability
Users can choose to work directly within the AutoCAD interface, while maintaining full functionality
unchecked checked
Automated Elevation Drawings
Instantly generates dimensioned elevation drawings for the entire project
unchecked checked
Cross Platform Compatibility
Compatible with Windows, Mac and other Operating Systems - Java based
unchecked checked
Accommodate Realtime Change
Changes to any aspect of the project, generated at any stage in time, update all elements instantly without re-work
unchecked checked





*Competitive software is "similar" in intent only - the ICE® patented technology is unrivalled in the industry today


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