ICEreality™: Virtual Reality in Your Pocket


ICEreality combines the power of ICEsoftware® with the augmented reality capabilities of Apple iOS 11. With the ICEreality App your iPhone becomes a viewer into any ICE file, meaning you will enhance communication and understanding of your design with clients. You can carry ICEreality with you anywhere and explore your designs with anyone.

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Multiple participants can share a virtual reality experience, on their individual mobile devices, and simultaneously interact with an ICE file. Participants are transformed into ice cream cone avatars and can walk around using their iPhones to view the exact design geometry from their ICE files, seeing any changes update instantly, ensuring what is visualized is exactly what will be ordered.

See what DIRTT is doing with ICEreality.

ICEreality lets you:

  • Virtual reality in your pocket
  • Explore ICE files from your phone
  • Multiple users
  • Share the virtual reality experience quickly
  • Changes in ICE update instantly
  • Improve communication with stakeholders

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