ICEcycle - Know where all your assets are utilized.


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ICEcycle™ is a proactive tool. It captures and coordinates the DIRTT Walls used in the initial design of a space, plus any purchased and stored segments for asset management. ICEcycle produces a graphical palette inventories, sorts, locates and defines each part available.


Before ICEcycle, reconfiguration tools were all work and no play. The user was forced to first design a reconfiguration and only afterwards the tool would reveal the number of parts left unused. The designer started over, to see if more elements could be implemented this time. If not, they'd try again. An added insult to this enormous repetitive effort - limited information was produced for technicians to complete the renovation.


Now with ICEcycle, the designer sees all the pieces in the palette and pulls them out to create the new layout. As the reconfiguration is designed, each Wall segment notes where it came from and how many more remain in the palette. Just like the rest of ICE®, all information is updated graphically and instantaneously.


ICEcycle is further evidence of DIRTT's ingrained environmental sustainability. The tool ensures the reduction of waste and the reuse of elements. The overview of products available and the intuitive interface mean a reduction of unnecessarily ordering new product. This revolutionary approach helps end the expensive and damaging mindset of disposing viable materials and products and it ensures DIRTT Teams are trusted advisors for their Clients rather than simply salespeople.



  • Proactive support prepares for the best results before a new layout is even considered. Everything is preemptively labeled, counted, assessed and noted during the initial design, just awaiting the possible reconfiguration.
  • Maximize reuse of parts for each design. You not only have a more environmentally sustainable reconfiguration - a more economical one too. Real-time updates give the user decision-making information as they work.
  • Product lifecycle management takes care of inventory throughout the life of the products. Damaged parts are flagged and monitored to ensure they are either repaired or replaced. ICE is the only tool maximizing product re-use and providing a practical tool to manage the entire life of the product.
  • Communication with is enriched through the graphical and interactive nature of ICE. Technicians easily see and understand the relocation directions. Warehouse teams are fully apprised of stocked items and damaged parts. Of course clients are engaged in the reconfiguration. They can sign-off quickly and confidently and use an ICEvision of the reconfiguration to inform employees and impress shareholders and the media by living and working green.
  • Unprecedented timesaving for the designer and Distribution Partner is realized with ICEcyle. They no longer have to design the space in the dark, wondering if each viable piece is being used. They get instant, graphical feedback. They realize better productivity and better results.

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