Introducing a new type of catalog for ICEsoftware: The Experience Catalog.

Experience Catalogs available to Design Suite users for no additional charge.

The ICE Experience Catalog offering has attracted manufacturers across the industry and is now available to ICE users.

As an ICE user – you will experience the same value and benefits you are accustomed to and will see a growing list of manufacturers in ICE. An Experience Catalog includes intelligent parts and monochromatic 3D models and gives you more options to create a fully realized, validated and specified space. Monochromatic models can mix with catalogs from other manufacturers or standalone – create 3D layouts to give clients an understanding of the spatial aspects of their environment while providing instant quotes and specifications. Integrating Experience Catalogs with your existing Catalogs is easy – you can toggle between mixed mode and grayscale/sepia when displaying the amazing visuals you create in ICE.

Experience Catalog Highlights:

  • Offer even more complete 3D models of a client's space as a growing list of manufacturers become available.
  • ICErender license holders can provide conceptual renderings in grayscale/sepia of any manufacturer's Experience Catalog
  • Create engaging presentations that show spatial qualities, to scale and in context.
  • Provide instant quote and specification information.
  • Validate options in real time.
  • Change instantly in front of a client to explore new options and ideas.
  • Select products from manufacturer's specific 2D and 3D assets to design client's solution.
  • Receive up-to-date furniture catalogs

ICE Experience Catalog Links

Feel free to contact manufacturers you wish to have their own ICE Experience Catalog and encourage them to try it out with little effort and no cost to them.

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