ICE® Vivid Catalog

Vivid Catalog

Who has their product in a Vivid Catalog:

  • Contrax
  • Evolve
  • Global
  • Gunlocke
  • Herman Miller
  • HON
  • Kimball Office
  • National
  • People (Generic)
  • School Specialty
  • SpaceCo
  • Trendway

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This catalog benefits:

  • Manufacturer Reps
  • Furniture Sales Reps
  • Furniture Dealers
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Leverage and enhance your design/specification software investments.

The Vivid Catalog contains all the power of the Experience Catalog with the visual advantage of having finishes mapped to the 3D models for an impressive customer experience. Stakeholders explore a fully finished and validated flythrough with real-time interactive editing. Change finishes or even products on the fly in front of your customer as you walk through their solution. Every change is instantly revalidated at all levels (2D, 3D, Quote) without any additional work.


A manufacturer or reseller with 20-20 CAP or Giza Studio and Visual Impressions will find excellent value in ICE. Import finish information from SIF files for a given project done in CAP or Giza. Files are easily imported back and forth without any other software to translate.

The Vivid Catalog options:

  • Your product in 3D with finishes
  • Product Intelligence from your data
  • Options validated in real-time
  • Quote Support
  • 2D and 3D blocks included (if available)
  • Finish swatches included
  • Full Finish Renderings


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Ice Edge requires the SIF, OPT, TOP and XREF (also called SIF1, SIF2, SIF3, and XREF) files. Any available graphical assets that exist such as 2d and 3d AutoCAD blocks as well as digital finish swatches will enhance the experience in ICE. If a digital finish xref file that relates the image files to the option data exists, please provide that as well.

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