ICE® Enhanced Catalog

Enhanced Catalog

Who has their product in an Enhanced Catalog:

  • 3Form
  • 3From EU
  • Allsteel
  • AMQ
  • Data Center (Generic)
  • HON Abound
  • Interior Concepts
  • Knoll
  • Panduit
  • SIMO
  • Spider Agile Technology
  • Sprung
  • Tate Access Floors
  • Wright Line

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This catalog benefits:

  • Manufacturer Reps
  • Furniture Sales Reps
  • Furniture Dealers
data center

Leverage and enhance your design/specification software investments.

Every manufacturer in North America is perfectly aware the battle to the lowest price is untenable. Avoiding the commodity battle requires a real differentiator such as client-driven solutions, though they come with expensive and time-consuming ramifications for you, the manufacturer. The answer is to harness the marketing and manufacturing power of ICE® software in the Enhanced Catalog. It not only differentiates your products and service in the eyes of your customer; it is proven to lower overhead in manufacturing.


The Enhanced Catalog combines customer-friendly visualization with order validation. It takes that information into the manufacturing processes, as far back as you wish. This scalable platform can act as a complete front-to-back tool supporting all levels of order configuration right through to shop-floor execution and out to the customer's site for delivery.


At the front-end the Enhanced Catalog provides an interactive 3D experience with unsurpassed clarity for communicating designs. Sales teams explore ideas and products in a realistic and understandable environment, confident what they show is on budget and deliverable. The Enhanced Catalog is not simply envisioning: it is building. Every virtual object understands it is a real product. Every iteration produces accurate pricing, manufacturing instructions and responds to the elements surrounding it in the real world.


At the back-end the embedded intelligence of the Enhanced Catalog significantly reduces errors, revisions and engineering. No human translation is needed for order entry. It speaks directly to machinery and gives production personnel quantities, instructions, inventory and a graphic image of what the part looks like. It can even interact with your vendors' systems. New manufacturers and those introducing new product-lines with configurable specifications will elevate the client experience, close sales faster and improve productivity with the Enhanced Catalog.

The Enhanced Catalog options:

  • Behavioral expertise: Multiple products react to each other and real-world conditions
  • Integrate with manufacturing to minimize errors
  • Ability to introduce new products quickly
  • Expand your products by offering customization at no additional cost
  • Offer client-driven solutions without carrying more overhead or painful lead-times
  • Opportunity to eliminate paper catalogs


Contact and indicate interest in having your company's information turned into the Enhanced Catalog. An Ice Edge representative, expert in manufacturing, will contact you.

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