i-Cube Technology Revolutionizes DIRTT Millwork


DIRTT millwork


With the DIRTT Millwork Catalog you get: :

  • 50+ Idea Starters – bases, uppers, wardrobe units, appliance surrounds
  • Millwork Editor
  • Change shelf, drawer and door configurations
  • Resize to fit your exact needs
  • Access to Client Idea Starters
  • Software maintenance and updates
  • Unlimited ICE support


Get the DIRTT Millwork Catalog now.


Visualize from the word "Go". DIRTT Millwork uses i-Cube™ technology to create unlimited millwork layouts quickly and easily. With the i-Cube, it's no longer just casegoods, its space and function. Space you shape to function how you imagine it.


With DIRTT Millwork on ICE, the options are endless. Size, finish, shelves, drawers, doors – the i-Cube makes a perfect fit. Just as the parametric i-Line™ revolutionized DIRTT walls, the i-Cube brings the same power to all three dimensions.


Get all the tools at your fingertips to make quick decisions for any millwork layout – pricing, design, finish and an interactive 3D model.


Find out more about the i-Cube.


Case Study: Element.


DIRTT millwork DIRTT millwork

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