Historically, it can take a week or more to design a reconfiguration of this size; in managing the complexities of inventory control, tagging all components, and manual re-drawing of existing components in combination with new. Plus, the ability to reuse an optimal number of those components is often compromised by product behaviour limitations and practical limitations of the design tools at hand.


In this case, a high-tech DIRTT client was faced with a 5 week deadline to reconfigure and relocate 16 offices to a new facility. As the new facility would require a somewhat different layout than the original – and given the tight timeframe – the client anticipated ordering all new product. However, DIRTT used ICEcycle to complete the reconfigure design in less than a day, maximizing reuse of existing product (100% of applicable parts) while providing a 50% savings for the client.


What makes ICEcycle such a game-changer? There certainly are other reconfiguration tools out there that create lists of existing and new layout components and compare the differences. From there it is up to the designer to figure out how and where to use the existing parts, and manually replace each within the limitations of the product and design tool, then manage counts, tagging etc...


With ICEcycle the designer creates the new design, and then imports an ICE "stock file" of the existing layout. ICEcycle instantly calculates which components can be used, right down to the part and assembly level. ICEcycle then places the components into the new design and graphically identifies and tags both reused stock and new product. ICEcycle also creates wall styles for the remaining stock inventory, complete with dynamic remainder counts, which the designer can drag-and-drop to utilize more of the stock. ICE intelligence automatically adjusts adjacent product as the stock is placed in the design. In many cases – where design flexibility allows – every part and piece from the initial design can be reused in the new configuration. The flexibility of DIRTT, powered by ICEsoftware, is an incomparable interior environment investment.


Speed of reconfiguration design, optimized use of existing components, automated tagging, minimization of waste and inventory warehousing, increased sustainability through increased reuse - these are but a few of the benefits of ICE and ICEcycle for DIRTT and their partners. Just as ICEcycle is providing a distinct competitive advantage for DIRTT in the wall industry, those same advantages will be realized by contract furniture manufacturers who choose to embrace and lead.


To learn more about harnessing the power of ICEcycle for DIRTT, contact Kingsley Koch at kkoch@dirtt.net


For information regarding ICEcycle for other industries contact info@ice-edge.com


"The ICEcycle approach is the best way to monetize the value of 'reusable' walls. Now that the client's facilities are maturing and walls are being moved around, the real value of DIRTT will become obvious to them. We will be highlighting the cost savings achieved on each and every proposal for any job where this occurs."


– Mike Bell, One Workplace


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