Improve your pre-construction flow with ICE® software
Tavin can usually be found telling the ICE story through video, but this week he shares some key insights for ICE software.
April 8, 2021

A lot happens before manufacturing can begin. If you’ve ever been a part of the sales and construction process, you’re more than likely familiar with long email chains, tracking design and engineering data through various software and systems, and of course, the dreaded last-minute change order that creates such a headache.

The fact is, planning for manufacturing is complex. It takes a lot of experienced people to make the whole thing work. Because of this, it’s easy to become chained to old processes that limit growth. Improving these inefficiencies is key to adapting to and thriving in a world that demands flexibility, speed and quality.

Enter ICE software, the visual design software fundamentally transforming how manufacturers go to market. Products added into ICE contain the engineering rules, finish information, pricing and any other custom information our clients need to design, sell and manufacture their projects. With ICE, you can focus on your client’s experience; designing with their solutions in 3D and virtual reality from anywhere in the world in real time. While you're working with the client, ICE software is working in the background to validate the configuration of the solution based on engineering and manufacturing rules, quote the project, generate renderings and video marketing collateral and produce a bill of materials and manufacturing information.

ICE exists to improve your processes. It creates a beautiful, functional and engaging experience to win over your stakeholders as an added benefit. It’s so much more than a visualization tool; it combines all the data and engineering you need to get your product sold and made.

ICE has allowed them… to shorten their lead times to only a few weeks.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions, a Calgary-based interior construction company, uses ICE daily to redefine the way designers and clients approach a project. It allows them to limit unnecessary back-and-forth design verification through real-time visualization and instant quotes, while shortening lead times to only a few weeks by automatically creating an engineering bill of materials for manufacturing. DIRTT also harnesses virtual reality capabilities for ICE to greatly improve the client’s experience. They often host clients from anywhere in the world with the proprietary and free-to-use app called ICEreality®.

You too can integrate ICE into your processes. Project timelines can be tighter with the elimination of back-and-forth changes. Change anything instantly, right in front of a clients’ eyes and know that all the back-end manufacturing information updates along with it. They want a finish changed? Switch it out. What’s the cost of that? Check out the quote. What is the space going to feel like? Hop into virtual reality for a walk-around experience to find out.

Revitalize your existing processes and efficiently design, manufacture and build better spaces with ICE software.

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